Jeep gets stuck in gear & rev's high on hwy, everyday on 2003 Jeep Wrangler

for the last 6 mnths or so; everytime i drive my jeep on the hwy, after about 1/2 hr or 20-30 miles, it's jumps in rpm for a sec, then stays in what seems to be 3rd gear, until i can get off the hwy & park it for about 10 mins, before getting to my work or home. we are a 4 jeep family & i love my '03 very much & NEED help w/ this. i've taken it to two mechanics & dropped almost $3k & its still doing it, really dont want to get rid of my jeep, getting desperate for an answer......thnx u guys

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When I have seen this really weird problem on Jeep, it has been a defective throttle position sensor. The funny this is, the little bugger will not set a code. When it acts ups, it is usually after a 1/2 hour of driving and then on the freeway the car just seems to go into neutral, it is because the sensor starts telling the computer that you are trying to down shift, when you are not, so the transmission gets stuck in a no-mans land type of gear or neural position, and the engine just revs and revs.
hi dannd- thank u very much for the reply, i will address it this wknd & will definately start w/your advice & see where i go from there...
for the record- it sounds like you know exactly what im talking about... really appreciate your help & attention w/my reqst...woodie