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4020 N. Green Bay Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53209

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Jenkins Imports, Inc.
January 24, 2011

The tech was friendly and very helpful. However, the service manager Mike O. was not helpful and I will never recommend Jenkins as a result of him. I came in because a Volvo I purchased had a broken hood cable and an oil leak. Another garage was unable to open the hood, and referred me to the dealer. I called Jenkins and got Mike O., who told me that he was charging me $105 to roll the car into the garage for a diagnosis. I brought the car in & the tech was able to open the hood - I was told I needed a new hood cable. The tech also mentioned that I had an aggressive oil leak and that I needed to check the oil every few days at a minimum until I could get in to resolve the problem. Mike quoted me $525 for the hood cable($49 part - I already checked it out) and I declined because he was not answering my questions, nor did he diagnose the oil leak that I asked about or give me any solution other than a $125 cleaning to my engine. So I asked to speak to the tech to find out how I could open the hood until it was repaired. Mike told me no because a "heart surgeon wouldn't tell you how to perform your own surgery would he?" I couldn't believe it, nor have I EVER been spoken to in such a manner before. I called Mike's manager to report the incident. He said he was shocked but I am not sure that he took me seriously. The moral of this lesson is BUYER BEWARE. While the tech was great, the service manager was not worth it. There are plenty of other dealers who will treat customers with repect.

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Jenkins Imports, Inc.
July 26, 2010

My wife and I service both of our cars at Jenkins Volvo Jaguar. My wife has a 2005 Volvo XC90 and I have a 2005 Jaguar XJ sedan. The reason we have a Volvo and a Jaguar in the family is because of Jenkins. We could drive any other make but we buy and service our cars at Jenkins because of their honesty and integrity. They are family owned and operated. We were sad when Mr. Jimmy Jenkins died in 2009 but we know his sons Greg and Tom and his son in law Tom Langer. The Jenkins family is fantastic! They know the meaning of customer service and satisfaction. Their technician's are the most experienced in the state and we know each of them. Whether you are purchasing or servicing, I can tell you Jenkins will treat you right. My wife feels so comfortable with Jenkins that she would never consider a different dealership and that goes for me as well. Thank you Jenkins family and employees for taking such great care of us whenever needed.

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