Jeep Cherokee Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee Problems

Ignition wires may fail and cause engine performance problems

Ignition wire failures can cause a rough idle or intermittent engine misfire and there might not be a Check Engine light.

Regulator valve may cause noise when transmission is in reverse

A loud buzzing or whining when the transmission is in reverse may be caused by a regulator valve in the transmission valve body. A revised valve was released that does not resonate. Careful diagnosis should be performed because other causes can create the noise.

Emissions Recall Due to Catalytic Converter Failure

Jeep issued an emissions recall in late 2006 to update the powertrain control module (PCM) software on certain 1996 - 1998 vehicles. As part of the recall, the catalytic converter will also be inspected for damage and replaced as necessary. To see if your vehicle is included in the recall you can visit the Jeep website (owners' section) that allows owners to input their VIN number and check the recalls on their vehicle.

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Jeep Cherokee Questions

No Spark!! Replaced CPS w Mopar part, also replaced everything else!! Help!! (2 answers)

Replaced: stater, cap, rotor button, coil, harness to coil, CTS, MAP, plugs, wires, ECM. Tested wires to firewall, fuses, relays, ruled out NSS.

My car hesitates when taking off. Is there a chip that can be installed to cure that problem? (1 answer)

When taking off giving the gas the car Boggs down then takes off. When passing another car the same thing happens it Boggs down hesitates then kicks in.

Jeep will not start. Does not respond to being jumped. Horn went off today and would not stop until key was turned to auxilary. (1 answer)

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Jeep Cherokee Recalls

Right Axle Shaft Detaches From Vehicle

The right axle shaft may fracture and separate from the drive axle. Dealers will replace the right halfshaft free of charge to resolve the concern.

Left Axle Shaft Detaches From Vehicle

The left axle shaft may fracture and separate from the drive axle. Dealers will replace the left halfshaft free of charge to resolve the concern.

Power Liftgate Control Module Catches Fire

Water may leak into the power liftgate control module resulting in a short circuit and risk of fire. Dealers will inspect the module and connectors for corrosion, replacing the damaged components as necessary. The mastic shield will be removed and the module will be covered with a water shield. All repairs will be performed free of charge to resolve the concern.

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Jeep Cherokee Reviews

This is my 4 xj. Unfortunately for me my forth is becoming a pain. My third was salvage 99 xj 2WD. Most of you would of oh hell no! It's a salvage. But me I'm up for a challenge. And had to do a lot of body work and the basic oil leaks like the oil filter adapter, oil pan gasket rear main seal and valve gasket. But the majority of my money went on the suspension, brakes, alignment and body wor...
I have 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo and have had it for 11 yrs. Had to put a new fan motor and tail light covers but other than that, no problems. The taillights are crap. I've had to replace the covers 4 times and still have problems with the blinkers. They work when they want. Overall, I love mine and will keep it until the day one of us die.
Bought my first jeep cherokee new in 94 - now it has 230,000 miles and been in the shop one time for a clutch (dahh at 220,000 miles). I have had to replace the ignition switch (2) times myself (well of course that part is a chevy). But, this will be probably the best buy of my life and the best vehicle ever. 22 mpg in the city 29 on hwy (2 door/clutch/4.0). Love that AMC/Jeep engine. A great ...

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