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I am trying to install a glowshift oil pressure gauge ssensor via a t fitting adapter but can locate an oil line.
I went to Auto Zone, then plugged in a Diagnostic device and said to change speed rotor? Do l need to take off brake rotor?
After the fan is blowing for about 20 to 30 mins with the heat on on any setting it will start to turn on and off the finally not blow at all. So I shut the car off and then its fine again until another 10 or so mins ...
Took it to mechanic right away. Checked out clean when he drove it. Picked it up and drove it to work. 20-30 minutes into the drive, starts skipping/missing again, then goes away. This started 2-days ago and comes ...
When trying to get out of 4lothe shifter was difficult to move then suddenly broke free and now has no catch which renders me unable to get out of 4 lo. Please help.
it dont do it all the time sometimes on little bumps
the light for oil change keeps coming on after i changed oil.how do i turn it off.
engine pings during accelloration when hot i use high octane and had pcv replaced also did feul injection cleaning and still having problem. do you think replacing knock sensor will fix???????
how do you turn off the seatbelt beeper when your not wearing the seatbelt.i have cliped it behind me but it is awkward.i have a medical condistion that make it hard to ware one.all the other cars i have bought i was ...
Does it have anything to do with my gas cap?
i had the a/c control change and still the same
code po404 is on trying to location of egr valve