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My breaks are screeching everytime i apply them! I was wondering what ways there are to fix this and how much it cost??? I think it is the front breaks that are making the noise.
Dashboard display goes dead+warning light for airbag goes on.Hot Weather only.
i changed the plugs and wires and the tps its a 4.0 im not getting any codes and if u get on it all at ones it starts miss and wont rev over 3500rpms
has 411 gears , so what they sell is case for under 355 gear . and another for over 355 . odered one for 411 gears but axle gears and spiders dont fit?
I had my engine replaced a year ago and since then the A/C and heat do not work at all. Blower motor is fine, the A/C compressor does not kick in at all. Checked fuses and they are fine. Almost like something was n...