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Engine fires on all 4 cylinders and has good fuel pressure running in neutral at the curb, both at idle and full RPM, but will miss and surge in gear under a load (while driving).
just had head gasket replaced ,after i got it back from the auto shop, use to start good hot or cold ever with bad head gasket.
its a 1992 jeep wrangler bought in Oregon we live in California cant get it smog b/c it came from Canada ca dmv said I have to take it to you but no shops around here wont let it smoged
Could the starter relay be the problem? What device prevents manaul cars from starting without clutch depressed?
While on the highway, i can get to 55 mph with no problem, but it seems like it has not power to get and maintain at 65mph. I usually have to downshift. How can i get it to have more power and drive it at 70mph with ...
need to know how long it takes to replace head gasket
Checked bulbs and fuses all ok just dashboard and running taillights are not working? headlights and brake lights and turn signals work but not regular tail lights?
it has done this three separate times, different conditions each time, I am getting fuel pressure but no spark, I can let it set and try later and it will start and run for a couple of days no problem, the last time s...
The connectors (black) to the oil pressure switch has two sides. The side of the connector that attaches to the wiring (green) to the guage has a back plug that keeps popping out ( its white) and a little oil keeps le...
I believe the synchro needs to be replaced. Whats the average cost of that?
I pulled tank, dumb me didn't mark hoses, had to replace a leaking fuel line, where do the fuel lines go, which line attaches to what on the tank and the fuel rail? I assume one is an inlet and one is an outlet. Any h...
How much money are we looking at to repace allof the universal joints front and rear. I now what i can buy the parts for but what would be labor cost to have it done. Thanks Rick
Fluid is full and front brakes are working. Pedal is spongy and the back brakes won't bleed at all
what kind of gears oil is reqired in my i992 jeep wrangler 5 speed manual transmission and how much is required? also the same 2 questions pertaining to my transfer case-i believe this is a c16 tranny
the break lights havent worked for 1 week and the bulbs are good