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1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Question: jeep what start turn over but no fire

first the starter was just spinning but not hiting the flywheel so we though that the flywheel needed replace,drop tran, took out flywheel,flywheel not bad replaced flywheel and put in new starter,starter was the promblem.started jeep,ok but test drove and found out that it was driving fourwheel drive because we didnot put the fourwheel drive pushrod in place,but before that jeep crank up 4 times,test drove 2 times.got ready start jeep 2 fix 4 wheeldrive push-rod,jeep started,put in drive,and jeep cut off,now engine turns over but want start,also notice that catalic converter sencer, after the cat. coverter was damage,what now??crank sencer??engine computer??auto shutdown relay??dont know??please help[ -
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