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2006 Jeep Liberty Question: jeep stalled while driving

While driving my jeep liberty 2006, the engine stalled and would not restart, On checking i found oil in the air intake and on the filter.Could this be the reason for engine stall, and how can oil get into the air intake?. -
Answer 1
yes it could be the reason, first thing to do is replace the pcv valve, when they plug/malfuction they can put oil into intake and also make the vehicle idle up or down and stall -
Comment 1
Thanks for your answer to what i taught was a major problem. I´m presently away from home due to work,I´ll be home the first week in May. Can´t wait to change the PCV valve and have my old girl back to normal.I have the jeep six years and never had any problems until now.Thanks again. Patrick -
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