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2004 Jeep Wrangler Question: Jeep Rubicon Overheating problems...

Im having problems with my jeep overheating. I installed a new 3 row aluminum radiator, new thermostat and housing, new coolant temp sensor, flushed system, installed 7 blade fan, clutch works good, new water pump, fan shroud is good. it is a 2004 rubicon 5.5 long arm lift kit, 35" tires, recently installed 4.88 gears, headers, air intake, superchip programmer, 12000lb milemarker winch. thats about it.... i need to fix this problem so i can finally take it out to play again any advice will help. -
Answer 1
Has anyone used a infrared thermometer http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41-JtdaCBeL._SS500_.jpg to make sure its not a sensor or the gauge isn't reading properly about $50 at Amazon.com -
Answer 2
My moms jeep wrangler is having the same problem. I replaced all the likely parts and no dice. The next part on the list that could be a possible cause is the head gasket. If it is leaking air gets pumped into the cooling system. Have the cooling tested to determine this. -
Answer 3
man i have the same problem and it started when i installed my new winch beford this no problems -