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I just put a new drive shaft in and it broke again, Started looking and realized my front differential was pushed back. Looks like previos owner cut off the piece that holds it in place and never replaced it! What is ...
When I put it in reverse n turn the wheel to the left, the jeep makes a click sound. Also its been a little difficult to put it in park at times. I have to put it in 2nd gear then park. Its also an automatic.
Black shiny kind of tacky spray just behind the fan. More on right side looking in than anywhere else. Not an oil spray as previously thought. Oil is full and looks fine. Engine has a different sound than normal - ...
Sounded funny when started. Drove short distance and popped hood and has oil spray from front right side as looking in. Has 140,000 miles on it and has been running great. No light come on and is not heating up. S...
the engine or doing the functions the ignition usually does. When inserting key , the key turns freely , makes no noise or does not catch like it should when starting the car. Battery is good and well connected.
i turn on heater , and seems to cool engine. Radiater fan doesn't seem to be coming on.Put dcv meter (while running)and get voltage reading. Put ohm meter on fan and get reading sometimes. WHAT's my next step??
I had the current codes wrong. The are not P0400 and P0401. The correct codes are P0440 and P0441
it has black smoke coming out of the tail pipe and then the spark plugs on that side are black and it wont run at an idle it shuts off immediately
My Jeep has been awesome - I'm not complaining. I've had it for going on 10 years and it has over 170,000 miles on it - so I expect some necessary repairs. I had the idle and bad start-up problem - it was a coil sys...
the fitting on the compreesser is larger then my fitting to fill the ac
A/C - no airflow coming vents. What am i going to do? Lady here
first time air conditioning not working. how much would it costs to fix? where do i take my 2004 Jeep Liberty to shop? Thanks for your help