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110K miles. Electric and mechanical Fan both turn on as the temperature increases, replaced Thermostat, water pump, and cap to the overflow reservoir. Still over heating

Driver, front passenger, two back passenger windows regulators keep breaking. I bought this jeep in 2011. I have already had to replace every regulator and am on a second round of them breaking and being replaced.

I cannot afford this. $160 plus for the regulator and then labor for someone to replace it for me. I do not appreciate being up town, alone, and my window drops and cannot be put up. I do not even use the back windows. They just drop as the regulator breaks for no reason at all!!

This is dangerous!! Anyone can jump into my vehicle, kidnap me and drive off with me in my own vehicle! Anyone can hide inside of my vehicle. Anyone can steal my vehicle with great ease!

This is expensive as it appears this will take place, for every single window, every two years or less. I just replaced one, less than six months ago, and it has already broken - I have not rolled the window down even one time - it just broke and the window drops. It has torn a strip out of my window tint - which I will not even bother to replace the window tint because this is going to be going on regularly.

After I made the purchase on the vehicle, drove it off the lot, got home, the window fell. I went back to where I purchased it and the dealers said - oh yeah, this is a common issue with the Jeep Liberty. What an ass!! I would not have purchased this vehicle if I had known this. I purchased the vehicle in 2011, with 76k miles. I now have 91k miles on it, 2015.

I just put a new drive shaft in and it broke again, Started looking and realized my front differential was pushed back. Looks like previos owner cut off the piece that holds it in place and never replaced it! What is that piece called??

3157 used di-electric grease and went thru 20-30 bulbs in 3 months

High mileage, has always had service done on time, one owner vehicle. runs beautiful. doesnt seem to want to stay in the proper gear either

while I just had my 2004 jeep liberty limited in for the recall work. (ie) trailer hitch & lower control arm. they said my valve cover is leaking. along with the pinion seal. neither is leaking to the point where I see a spot on the ground from either one of them. in fact I cant even see a place on valve cover that is leaking ?
I am not saying they are not leaking but, what is your thought on what it is or could be..

Thanks for any help,

It won't start until is cool off 15 minutes later

The mechanic tried a new ignition switch it did'nt work he check the fuse again their ok. No power when turn heat or air nothing comes out no wipers,the fuel, cooling gauge the only thing working is the lights and radio and a few lights in the dash board, the battery new and the starter is not the problem. He's going to check neutral safety/clutch lockout switch, but he does not think this the problem Do You have any other ideas because it still won't start. Thank You

My truck was running find I stop at the store. When I came to start it it wouldn't start the battery is new ,but still tried to jump it and it still won't start all the lights in the dash board work, headlights, radio, windows all work.But the heat, defrost, air don't work. I thought I need a starter but I don't my mechanic can't figure it out he check all the fuse and it still won't start.