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My ac compressor is going out I think I can bypass it. Right now I am still driving it but the ac compressor makes a lot of noise and smokes.
My 2004 jeep liberty has a flashing check engine light and there is a knocking noise prevalent when pressing the gas pedal. Power is lower. I can also "feel" the knock in the gas pedal. Any ideas?
I have checked for blown head gasket no steam from exhaust no water in oil and no bubbles in radiator no water in cylinders, ?? i am at a loss
Took pump off. No obvious leaks found. so where should I begin? Can tell it must have been leaking for sometime. All greasy on that side under pump. New to him Jeep. Hoping its not the rack and pinion steering. Any su...
P0202 Fault Code exit. The Jeep ran fine for 3 hours following the FI replacement but now is running rough. I compared the old injectors and it appears one is missing the end seal and may have fallen into the #2 injec...
Our local dealership replaced the pump and charged us $132.00 for the pump and $91.50 for labor.I have priced the pump and it isnt even close to being that much.Have we been ripped off?
it has black smoke coming out of the tail pipe and then the spark plugs on that side are black and it wont run at an idle it shuts off immediately
how much to replace a brake light
My Jeep has been awesome - I'm not complaining. I've had it for going on 10 years and it has over 170,000 miles on it - so I expect some necessary repairs. I had the idle and bad start-up problem - it was a coil sys...
and radio is going on and off. what could be the problem
was running good,then out the blue it just wouldn't start after i was at home for a while
still have noise going over bumps, what could be wrong
1 is not firing at all what else could the problem be?