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We tried to stop the engine started to scream and even using the brakes it shot off and started flying and then stalled ..it only stopped by putting it in park
I replaced oil pump pretty sure I put it back on time now it cranks starts then immediately dies help!!!
changed resistor and actuator motor also move blend doors by hand have dash out
The other window had a bad motor/regulator and it was hard to open too; a screw had fallen out and caused the door to bind. Can I force the right rear door to open and not worry about breaking anything? Thanks!
Drivable? Or do I need to replace it or a hose? How do I check?
now it wont start, is the problem a broken timing belt or turbo
What would cause smoke to come from hood and some rubbing noises coming from front tires but car doesn't run hot or stall. All fluid levels that I can check (coolant, oil, transmission and brake ) look good.
my 2003 jeep liberty sport 3.7/5 speed check engine light gave a P1281 code(not in Haynes manual) apparently its a manufactures code for a coolant problem. says that engine not reaching proper operating temp usually d...