Is this physically possible, and what would it cost? I would accept a 2WD with non-drive axle free-wheeling if 4WD is not feasible or cost effective.

My 2014 Jeep has been parked for hours. I get in turn it on and place in reverse and it turns off and screen reads Engine temp hot. It will turn on after a few trys. It has happened about 5 times on different days. Only when i place in reverse.

Check engine light on, note said "key fob battery low" I changed the battery in both fobs and now I get a message "remote disabled start car to reset" when I remote start the car it turns on but 10 secs later it turns off.

I want to verify if all 2013 Grand Cherokee Limited Models come with double exhaust or if there is actually a single exhaust model.

manual says when in 'sport' mode the ESC will be set