There are 4 map lights in the overhead console area. 2 on each side. one of them is controlled by pressing it, and it turns off and on. It is the smaller one that turns on when I start the car, and just the light on the drivers side of the console. thanks Rick

so I lost control and hit a curb in my jeep. First obvious problem was it was pulling to the right. so I got a alignment. the said it alignment was totally off and so was the camber. and they did the best they can to fix it. So its still pulls but now when I go over 40+ I get a grinding sound when I try to adjust my steering for my car going pulling right.


I Have GC 2012 limited v6.

A week back, all a sudden the battery dead and I have replaced it.
Three days back, it started to give me hard time to switch on. Either the car will switch on and off directly. or keep trying to switch on (Long crank) , after around 2-4 trial, it will work.

I think -but not 100% sure - no problem if the car is hot (e.g. switched off recently). only when I park for long time.

I have done some researches over the Internet and understood that the issue is in Fuel pump relay in the TIPM. Is that true ?

Please advise what is a reliable solution for the problem ?
I did not take it to the car dealer till now, it is weekend at this part of world.

I press the keyless go button to start the car engine but nothing happens. Car cant start. Its frustrating because this car is only 1 year old.

Took in for a routine oil change all 3 times and have just been told that the left back side is leaking again.

I really would like to know if there is a seprate panel for this or if I need to take the entire door panel off.