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Every now and then it hesitates to go when i give it gas and idles hard at times. Ive taken it to 3 different places and they say they can't find anything. Does anyone have any advice?
Blower only works on high.
After changing the motor and regulator the window went down, but won't go back up. Tried both drivers and back switch.
sometimes the check engine light comes briefly when the engine is hesitating
MIL blinks and/or stays on - Getting P 0302 code (cyl.#2 misfire). Just had car detailed, they "cleaned" engine compartment. Would degreasing/water spray cause this code? If so, will it go away over time?
The remote keyless lock/unlock will not work for either of my keys. Sometimes if I am really close to vehicle it will work. Can unlock my car manually with key, but the alarm goes off until I put key in the ignition a...
Now the jeep is making a strange noise while driving.
engine is making a ticking/tapping sound when stoped, runs good at all speads, sound is pissing me off at stop.
It is a little connector that plugs into another connection makes it defrost
My jeep wouldn't start. Had it looked at by dealership and they said it could be electronic ignition module. They recommended it be replaced. $900 to fix. I had it back and 5 days later the same thing happened. Now th...
What repairs and changes are really needed at a 60.000mile inspection? I don't wanna have unnecessary things done. It's a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2007