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and then when I'm on the highway if I go into a small bump or anything the whole front end feels like its going to fall apart really loose feeling
Seems like 1 or 2 cylinders aren't firing. It's the 4.0 6 cyl. Could it be the "computer" ? Crank sensor was replaced long ago. Thanks for any suggestions.
Replaced spark plugs, filter, sensors.
could I possibly have something going on with my suspension? I don't know too much about suspensions so I'm wondering if I have overlooked something.
seems to only make noise once truck is in drive
All other lights work fine. When headlights are turned on only the turn signal, break, and backup lights work
filter spins onto the motor mount doesn't look to difficult what about the oil thingy mind you I can fix anything I just don't have the vocabulary to get the right thing to be able to fix it.. so what am I fixing an...
replaced engine last february w/used ran fine all year, just died on me. acts like it wants to start but as soon as it turns over, it acts like something shuts it down. can the o2 sensors cause the engine not to run a...
the brake works but the light on the dash doesn't come on