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I recently noticed that whenever I drive over bumps in the road, my jeep begins to shake severely until I slow my speed down to nearly 10 or 15mph. What could be causing this to happen and how much will it cost to re...
everytime i turn on the car it starts but then it goes off leaving just the radio and the ac ob what can i do it occurs really often
Just recently, a loud grinding noise will happen when I turn the wheel at low speeds. The power steering still works well, but the sound is unbearably loud. The vehicle doesn't drive 'loose' either. It still drives li...
Ok its a 99 Jeep grand cherokee limited, it has been sitting for about 10 months and I recently replaced the battery. I tried to start it and the 10A PCM fuse blew and continues to do so every time the batter is hoo...
There is a medium size hole in the right side value cover and I need to know if it can be repaired. If so, how?
Had a/c charged because blowing hot air,blew cold air for 3 weeks then hot air again.I was told needed new compressor.He went ahead and charged a/c until compressor came in,its blowing cold air.If the compressor was b...
I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limit with a 6 cylinder (4.0 liter) engine. The engine is a replacement with 70k miles on it. I have driven it under 500 miles and it now is stalling every 5 to 10 miles. I'm forced t...
Car heats up while driving cools down while ideling. Had car at garage replaced thermostat, radiator Mechanic thought we needed a head gasket and may have a cracked head. Help what to do next??
Thermostat is blowing out white smoke after replacing. Does seal need a lubricant?
i have the part ready, just i have to figure out where is located on my car grand cherokee 1999 v8
loud humming noise coming from rear of the jeep especially on the highway
the circuit board was replaced in february, the bulb is new but my brake light doesn't work Is this really expensive to fix or can I fix it myself. thank you very much
Whenever I turn my jeep there is a loud popping noise that sounds like it is under the back of the front seats. Is this cv joints and are they costly to replace? How hard are they to replace?
how much does it cost to fix a leaking transfer case