Accelerating while in gear feels very sticky and uneven.I replaced detent cable and no luck.Vehicle accelerates fine in nuetral and park,but feels like something is dragging or hanging up when in gear?

we recently had new seals installed in the rear axel along with all new rear bushings.Oddly the front end now wobbels loudly.Upon applying the brakes the wobble stops.It seems to be opposite of the normal complaints.We also installed 4 new and balanced tires.Wobble begins as soon as the vehicle moves and progresses in speed with the vehicles speed.

The heater is blowing hot/warm air thru driver-side vents, and blowing cold air thru passenger-side vents. Olease advise me of what the problem is. Thanks

where is the location ofa flasher-hazardwarninglightingcontrolmodule N OTHING COME ON BUT HEADLIGHT

My sons share this jeep in Manhattan where they attend college. It started making a loud thumping noise and we had it towed to the dealership. The diagnostic is:
1) Overhaul rear axle (found metal shavings in rear axle)
2) Replace transfer Case (they found internal damage to the transfer case)
3) Replace the left rear axle seal

Those are the major problems (1 & 2 especially) and we are looking for a way to repair this jeep without spending a small fortune. Thanks for any ideas. Mileage is around 145,000.

Differential Seal Replacement

When I put my Jeep in reverse I hear a huge thump. What is the problem?

where is the oil pump

aThis happened right after my son hit the panic button on the key fob..im thinking maybe a fuse? any ideas of which one?tested some but none seem to be for the locks.

oil preasure drops to nothing once engine is warm and there is a tapping coming from the engine's top end

My Jeep shakes when I come to a stop at a stop light or sign. This only happens after the car has warmed up and running for while. The shaking is not major but enough to notice. If I put the car in park, the shaking stops. Can anyone help me please? Thank you. My email address is: mattferreol@gmail.com.

I am having my heater core replaced. One mechanic recommended having evaporator core replaced, too, since he will already be in that part of the engine. He said they often go bad within a few months of the heater core.
What are your thoughts and recommendations?

Hi, I have 3 codes relating to transmission problem on my 99 Grand Cherokee. Codes are:
P1733= 4C Pressure Switch Sense Circuit
P1734= 2C Pressure Switch Sense Circuit
P1784= L-R Pressure Switch Sense Circuit

These all are related to solenoid pack. How much would that cost to change the solenoid pack?


whenever my jeep leaks coolant i replace the leaked coolant only to have it leak again, almost instantly. I can't tell where the leak is coming from visually. No leaks in hoses from what I can tell

Our speedometer doesn't work at all. Neither does the cruise control (logic says though if the speedometer doesn't work, that won't either). Also the ABS light is on and the check engine light is on. That light, check engine, is on because the speedometer doesn't work, if I understood right.

So, the top of my list is, why doesn't the speedometer work! LOL Totally sucks because we have to use our GPS as a temporary speedometer till we can get this major problem fixed.

Any ideas or suggestions, or better yet if you think you know the problem, please respond back! Would be greatly appropriated!!