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it will start every time but the guages dont work either
rear noise coming when i accelerated, said had to rebuild differential, charged 1500 is that correct.
I go through a bit of both relatively often, but like I said, no smell at all, no observable leaks anywhere.
..can i still have recall work done for free from recalls from years ago?
the heat blend door works. the fan speeds work. I am looking to get air once again from any vent i put the selector knob to..no dual air controls...just a three knob manual in a 1999 jeep grand cherokee.
A dash light came on that is a "key with a slash" through it. I believe this is the security system symbol. The remote key fob will lock & unlock all doors but the drivers door.
how much should I expect a rear main seal being fixed to cost me? I have a 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited
check engine light coming on showing code p1494
It would not start, it just kept getting worse, like someone throw a sledge hammer into the engine. There is a black sooty grime that has built up over my back windshield over the past few months too. I tried to sta...
what would be the cost to replace the front brake lines? What would be the cost to replace the rear brake lines?
drive or if I park and start engine the same thing happen
its been real hot in the 100's and i see brake fluid inside the rim. could new pads be crystalizing too or the heat is the problem or possible brake fluid leak.Just started having trouble braking on july 21st. put pad...
Sensors indicate that--not the main, but one of the 2 mini catalytic converters have failed and have priced the two mini catalytic converters, they come together as an assembly. Can I do this myself, and if so where...
The sounds come when the ground is wet or snow or maybe anytime I have to acelerate the sond goes click click click