I have a fj80 toyota landcruiser. Put in three starters. It only will start 1x then i pull the starter and put it back in and it starts again. any ideas on what this may be from??????? Help I am at my end

I am not mechanically inclined at all but ill do my best to describe my situation. About a month ago I had my oil topped off at a family members dealership. A coulpe days later my jeep started to run pretty rough. I dont know why its taken me this long to see the timing and wonder if its related. I checked my oil yesterday and it is way beyond the safe line.

I pulled the code and got P0171 which is system too lean bank 1. I understand what that means and the number of isssues it coukd be. The dealerships mechanic suggested I lower the oil level and then drive it to see if it burns off any oil that may have soaked any sensor before paying to have it repaired. Obviously it makes sense to lower the oil level before driving it again but does what hes saying make sense? That best case scenerio this could fix itself?

Right now im getting about 4 mpg, struggles to accelerate from a stop and idles rough. Im also overwhelmed by the smell of exhaust and there is a grey/blueish smoke. I understand those symptoms match P0171 anyway and dont necessarily narrow it down to what specifically. Id love to be able to pinpoint this and keep my repair bill as low as possible.

headlights come on after I turn off the ignition and remove the keys. it doesn't happen all the time..about twice a week and after I have driven home from work.. it is not dark at this time..they either stay on or will flash every 3to 4 miutes.to stop this I have to turn the switch on then off. there is no warning sound like a horn honking etc..it just does it.

ac blows a little bit

Checked all fuses

I disconnected my holiday trailer wiring

My 99 Jeep grand cherokee has developed a constant high idle, when in park it idles around 2000rpm, in drive it idles near 1500rpm. it has error code 0505 which is iac valve. Replaced the iac valve with a mopar one. Still doing it. it has been like this for about a month. no vacuum leaks, checked over all the wiring and no breaks anywhere. But now, all of a sudden since it started getting warmer outside, when the vehicle gets to optimal temperature, it stalls, and wont start. I figure crankshaft sensor. but could all the problems be related to a faulty pcm? how would i know? im really short on cash but need the vehicle.