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I took my car to a mechanic earlier this week and he told me my 4 wheel drive was going out and i shouldnt worry about fixing it if I'm just going to sell the car. Ive had other people tell me it's something else. Thi...
Just recently whenever I accelerate my truck makes a whirring noise mostly on the driver's side. Also when I decelerate it gets louder any idea what it could be?
If the outside temperature hits 85+, it overheats, if forced to run under 35-40 mph. Idling in traffic causes it to get up near 250 degrees, and when I stop, the overflow reservoir is boiling over. On cooler days it r...
while driving 95 cherokee shut off for a split second or maybe 20 seconds then comes back on sometimes when you first start it the engine runs ruff as hell, checked codes got only a 55 code.
I have 1995 jeep grand Cherokee 4.0l 6 cylinder 4 wheel drive quad trac automatic.it stars up perfectly fine without missing a beat. it has no problem switching gears and all my fluids are filled. the check engine lig...
Got a 88 honda crx with a 92 put in it. car starts and idols real rough then dies in a matter of seconds. Friends thought they could fix it but weather and priorities got in the way. Engine is in just needs to be wire...
car speed does not change as rpms rev intermittently
shaft out it drive ok seems to do when it warms up like trans jumpin in an out gear ??
Window motor stopped working. I can not free the motor to get it out of the hole in bottom of the door. It is still connected to the track
Both axels are making clunking sounds when making close turns and lock up
Its not a tire type shake,more like drive train, I've rebuilt front end, new fr drive shaft, u joints in rear drive shaft, any suggestions