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cost of parts and labor to replace timing chain in 95 grand cherokee limited 8 cyl 4 wheel all time.... time without vehicle and is it a real b*** buster to do?
what could cause a vibration at about 50-55mph sounds like it could be in the rear
How do you repair 95 jeep grand cherokee when the back floor on the passenger side fills with water whenever the a/c is on?
Starts and runs fine but the amp meter runs high and when you put in reverse or drive it dies and will restart with no problems
When I am crusing along at about 60 or 65 mph, all of the sudden I hear and feel a violent thumping sound that sounds like it is coming from the front end or center of the car and the wheel pulls to the right. When I ...
I put it in reverse and nothing happens when i step on the gas. forward works
Need to replace my alternator How much is it going to cost me? Mike
Have been getting a constant (sometimes intermittent) chime tone. Tried replacing the chime module, which didn't work. Currently have the chime module removed, but would love to fix the problem because the auto door...
I smell exhaust in car and especially strong by driver side on outside of jeep. Mechanic said two bolts were loose on manifold, tightened them and said that would take care of problem. Didn't help. Also had it chec...
engine seems to vibrate when at idle with ac and in gear
when vehicle is cold it runs good. but as it warms up it runs bad
What would make a jeep shutter & loose power when shifting after I changed the speed sensor. It drove fine till this just wouldn't shoow speed.
theres a leakage in the left brake line, can someone tell me how to fix this please
Just had refrigerant topped off, so it's not low... was blowing nice, cold air when sitting @ stoplight, horrible noise, burning smell, then no more cold air. Turned off a/c button, kept fan on, popped hood, belt sti...
just drove 80 miles,stopped and smoke coming from passenger rear wheel,smelled like tran. fluid?,rim is very hot