1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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my speedometer will work sometimes but then it will just stop working while driving. and then it will sometimes just jump like to 100 or 70 and then go right back down to zero. any idea what could be wrong?

I had to re route the sensor because the mechanic did not do it right and i unhooked it to reroute it. now the car shuts off when I start it and does that periodically. How can I reset that?

how do I change the driver's side motor mount.

why does my front end still shake bad still? I've replaced the knuckle, the bearings the tie rods. would a broken motor mount be responsible?

passenger side windows want roll down. how do i fix it?

harmonic balancer
if it brakes off would it cased damage 2 my motor n how do i install the new to the right timing n how would i no i have the right timing

what would be the cost of replacing a blend door for the a/c

I have no airconditioning or cold air, and can not adjust the heat temp. When you turn on the heat it is what it is, and can not adjust. I believe it is a blend door. Want to know what it should cost to repair.

transmission doesn't slip 1st and 2nd Ok but is delayed shifting to high gear at times


my rear power windows are not working. the front work fine

I need my fuel pump and filter replaced, the dealership has quoted me 1080$ for the repair this seems a little extreme what do you think

how do you reset the computer

what is wrong when gas is getting through and mixing with the oil.

It drove fine last night. 12 hours later, I got nothing! No dome light, no dash lights, not even any clicking when I turn the key. Headlights don't work. Battery & cable heads replaced about 2 months ago. 2 weeks ago the dash lights flickered upon start up but it was litereally freezing outside so I didn't think much of it. Outside of that ... no problems until today.