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how do i know if i need to replace the fuel pump
where is the crank position sensor locaded.
i have no tail pipe from the muffler back will it effect the sensors and shut the engine off.
start and run when engine is cold but want idle when it get warm.
the jeep start and run when the motor is cold but cut off when it get hot.
I have bought and replaced the Compressor and the Accumulator. My Jeep A/C cooling is very low or sometimes no cooling. So I don't what could be the problem. If the AC is off it only blows hot air.
how do you replace the washer fluid line to the rear hatch on a 1994 jeep cherokee?
my brake pedal sometimes pushes back and stutters and does not slow down the car. it does not do it all the time. no one been able to diagnose.
Jeep runs fine for abt 10 minutes then kinda sputters, but doesn't loose power. Had diagnotic done and it said 1st injector firing improperly. Mechanic said this is not a typical problem on jeep, and would need time t...
my jeep once a day, starts vibrating badly, while doing that my rpm needle starts to waver back and forth quickly in park. When you put it into drive and start to step on the gas. Thier is random hesitaition on the ga...
why does brake spring keep comming off on rear brake
why does my info. panel have all types of crazy info
my radio was working at times and not comming on at other times now it does not work at all.
my abs light stays on when it goes off the left rear brake has something come loose and grabs, it makes a loose rattling noise then you can hear somethjing rattling.whats happening
When the car is in drive, sometimes the visual monitor will warn of a 4 wheel drive transfer issue. The car has 457,000 miles, and has it's little quirks. Since I cannot find in the Jeep manual the wording for the wa...