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Hooking up the computer, it says threshold efficiency , what is that??
When I turn on the heater the temp gage shows that the engine gets even hotter! What could cause this? I don't see a rad leak.
Started it up yesterday and the rear wiper was going . I thought I must have hit the switch by accident . Checked and the switch is off . When I turn the truck off the wiper stays on and then after a bit it turns its...
It gets stuck on forth gear as soon as we pût it to drive CAN someone help me and tell me what CAN i do or what might be the problem thanks
I noticed water started trickling down from below my glove department,and every time i turn left,water just pours out,and ONLY when i turn left. I took it to gossett where i purchased the truck,and they told me it was...
esta mojando la cavina cuando prienden el AC
as I was driving It smelled like something was burning, or overheating, I pulled over and had it towed to my house, now there is headlights and parking lights, but no start, not even any noise trying to start, and not...
2007 jeep commanader oil light came on saw oil on the ground someone advised it was the oil cooler please advise me.
This message is on the CarFax of the 07 Jeep Commander I am thinking of buying for my daughter. The jeep has 63,000 mile and the transmission was service with the message at 55,000 and 14,000. Is this a concern?
It does it only when I drive over things
It does it on and off I had serpintine belt tensioner changed and its still making the noise.