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Im a mail carrier and i get to same spot onmy rt when its warmer out and jeep wont re start. I have to wait for apprx an hour til gas smell subsides and then it will idle rough but finally start running right. Only ha...
I replaced the door distribution panels but to no avail
It seems to only happen when the Jeep is cold, someone told me it is my struts, that am bone to bone but would this make that sound?
and will Not Move onlyon reverse, and Dash shakes! Hope its not the Engine!
you can hear that's it's unlocked...pushed it from the inside, pulled from the outside but it's not budging
new to me jeep. It is skipping and bogging down when excelerating and now has started overheating and has no coolant in both heater hoses and the thermostat housing is bone dry. I don't see an external leak anywhere. ...
motor overheated electric fan does not come on
I idles a little rouhg . Could it be my fuel injector
drive revices nothing what could be the problem please help me
turn car off then turn heat off gadge light off
Today, I had the starter replaced. Even with the old one the vehicle would start quickly and run smooth, although I knew it was on its last legs. Now that I replaced it, it is harder to start. The guy that replaced it...
4 wheel drive 4 speed with overdrive 141116 miles