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last Monday the vehicle sounded fine then on Tuesday morning as I pulled out the driveway is could hear the front axle growling- I checked to be sure I was in 2 wheel drive, all setting were A-Ok. no codes or any sen...
replaces hubs-no help
My jeep has a problem with dying all of a sudden and it wont restart.It will sometimes run for a few days and then it does it again, I have replaced the crankshaft sensor but it still does the same thing.Dealer told m...
We replaced the idle speed control a year or so ago, but this seems a little different. It shudders and shakes like it is going to cut off, but if I give it gas with my foot on the brake, it does not cut off. It will...
I'm working on a 1997 jeep cherokee with the v8 and it starts and runs fine until I put it in gear. When I put it in gear it jerks real hard & shuts off where should I start???
out of the blue would not start changed fuel pump and battery and there is no power to the coil or distributer. think it is a asd relay but don't know where it is.