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Whyis this? What is broken? Car can be moved in park I have to use emergency brake.
I thought this site was for real but I was wrong & most people only want answers but forget helping the other person- GOOD BYE.
Checked for vacuum leaks, can't find any,recently put a stereo in.My boyfriend is pretty good with cars,he also checked the switching doors and they seem to operate. It switches back and forth for no apparent reason, ...
When I am using the breaks my break lights do not come on, we just bought this car and I am not familiar with it yet.
Hi, had someone take the jeep and broke off the high beam handle and casing, also the horn is jammed and broken inside and hanging. lights stay on all the time and have to disconnect the battery terminal. Can you ...
i have all front light functions but head lights... i can put high beams on but they wont stay on. not sure what fuse is for front lights.. i have no owners manual for look up fuse diagram
My 97 Jeep Cherokee just started to get to a high temperature reading just recently. I replaced the thermostat and installed a new radiator cap, but it still gets up to about 210 degrees within a few miles but doesn't...
ok i have no spark. new coil, cap ,rotor. asd chatters after i turn it over. brand new battery.
I just changed out my fuel injectors on my 1997 Jeep Cherokee for the improved fuel injectors rather than the stock ones used. However, after taking the car for a drive i found that the car lurches forward at about 2...
was riding down the street when the gas pedal was hard to push and the jeep just stopped,will crank but will not start.
Where is the fuel pump relay in a 1997 jeep cherokee? nothing is labeled and the diagrams online don't show where it is.
how much to replace exhaust system
I need to know exactly where all coponents go in order and would like to get a picture of them so I can put the whole exhaust system together and on the vechile I have asked for help at different Muffler places and ...