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the car is shaking badly, it's hard to keep it from moving. Pushing on brake pedal with the max force cannot prevent the car from creeping forward. It's scary and very dangerous. What can be a problem? It happened twi...
When the windows aren't working the dash says "drivers door is open" If I disconnect the battery it will work somewhat but when the car sits for awhile, it will quit working again.
Stuck in valet mode could it be relay or sensor
I recall reading in the manual not to use a de-icer. Since I only have one key, I don't want to turn too hard.
I turn on the ac and the fans still not working
It first started when i forgot the sun roof open one day and it rained,from that time I could only open the front passengers side with the passengers side buttons.The drivers side button will not open any windows or d...
The latch on the passenger's side does not release,can you help?
I am not sure if thr trunk should close slowly or slams as it do now. If it should close slosely what are your recommendation. Thank you, S. Hardy
my trans is leaking need to add trans fluid but not sure where the dipstick is
car will not turn over have new battery please help
It is winter and heating system is working when it wants. No special day or temperature outside decide if I will have heat or not in my car. AC working without any problems.
to point that the wheel feels wobbly? I had the rotor with the wheel off, and it slips forward and backward as though the whole wheel wants to come off, but stops hard and sturdy... there is a lot of give back and fo...
I would like a evaluation performed on my vehicle where can I get this done without going to a dealer?