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Passenger side duel climate control is stuck on full hot. Does not respond to set temperature. Driver side works fine.
I have 153,000 miles on the car and my engine light came on with a gas canister valve. Any idea if a $1000 is the correct figure to fix.
The engine light went on. They said I needed a new emission canister
What are the instructions or resources(manuals from bookstore or youtube videos) that will help me replace the brakes and rotors for my 2005 s-type jaguar? Are there different instructions for front and rear brakes?
The engine light came on in my 2005 Jaguar. It was checked and the codes stated 3 cylinders misfired. What would cause this?
how much does a transmission filter cost
Our four year maintenance for our Jaguar has expired. We were unable to find any information on the handbook. Thank you.
I recently bought new tires for this car. Tire people tell me the inner rod on rack and pinon is broken and that it cannot be replaced by itself, requiring a complete replacement of rack and pinon. What can I expect...
while driving my 2005 s type the light showing dsc not available,engine fault, park brake warning and traction control light on came on at the same with a louder noise in the engine preventing the car to go over 10 m...
So I bought an 05 S Type today (39k miles) All's well until I noticed a lurch (Jerk) when the car comes to a halt. In other words, when coming to a halt from normal driving. Once the car stops it lurches momentarily.
am considering buying an 05 S Type 87k miles. when you engage reverse there is a lurch. should i be concerned, what will fix this.