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I changed the alternator and still having the problems.
head light did not work. Changed bulb and that did not solve the problem.
Car was stuck in Park but had R illuminated and reverse lights were on. Car would not start nor shift out of park. Tow driver was told not to use flatbed but did, car shows up with busted shifter/linkage...will now ...
Just finished 1100 mile trip.
Its been running in limp mode and misfiring on three cylinders. The dealership said that the coils were good and I just changed the spark plugs also. They said it could be a low or broke wire from the ecm to the coil....
The headlamp assembly needs replacing. Dealer says not a bulb or connection but the entire assembly needs replacing. Could that be from rear end auto accident?
This problem started when i was servicing my fuel injection. i put ignition on before connecting the fuses.
If I wait over 15 minutes and try again it starts. Will not start in Park or Neutral. It has a new battery and starter.
The gear shift is stuck in park, I have already done the following, I have check underneath for a loose bracket...all is tight, pulled the cover from the shifter, there is not a gear shift unlock mechanism. Rock the v...