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red and yellow light come on 3 codes "DSC not Available " "Parkbreak fault" "Engine systems Fault" it will drive very slow I have to turn car off ....and restart again until they go away oh and check engine light come...
when i changed my belt i drained all the coolant but when i finished i filled it thats when it started to show the warning light
In general, what are the top reasons why a 2002 Jag doesn't pass the smog test?
It started but I only drove it 50 feet and it shut down.
all i know engine oil went down and now making noise during drive and knocking..
I have had all eight of them replaced plus thousands in repairs made to no avail. The engine still misses and sometimes completely loses power. The car is essentially unusable like this. It has been an ongoing batt...
my jag is a very good car imported from Dubai and the second owner i need some answers to how i can fix my new fan belt
there is a film on the rear view mirror and it seems like its leaking a little fluid
Numbers and letters on back of remote are XR83-15K601-AA FCC ID:CWTWB1U322 CAN:1788 102 354 Jaguar. Please tell me if there is a reset button or something else that I can do to get it to work. Thanks Linda Graham
I have only 4025 miles on the 2002. Garaged most of the year. What would cause the fuel pump to go with not being used????
Just had ball joint replaced, tied rod, cannot drive it over 30mph or it sways
jaguar techniciana looked at and no codes came up
The car drives smoothly and there is no error/fault that appears. There has never been a noise like this before. thank you
running light filament works with headlites on, brake lite doesn't, filament ok. when i twist bulb to different positions, various of the lights go out. could it be wiring prob? difficult to get assembly on drivers si...