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Jaguar Omaha
April 06, 2010

I have owned my BMW for less than 4 months and have had my car in for service a total of 6 times. First was a blown speaker. I get there and they give me a car with mud all over the interior up to the door handles, it also smelled of cigarette smoke. I go back to get my car at 5pm and they didn’t get the part in, so now I have to deal with this dirty - smelly car for another day. Second day I go back after work and get my car. Half way out of the lot, I notice most of the other speakers aren’t even working. Yep, they need it another day. Third day I go back and pick it up, same exact issue. After waiting for another hour it finally gets fixed. Second trip was for a trim panel was flaking off some coating it had on it. Yep, you guessed it, they didn’t order the right part and I had to wait 2 days, but at least this car didn’t smell. Third time was for an IPod install - they didn’t show me how to hook it up and didn’t place it in the center console like I had asked, they put it in the glove compartment, where I can’t reach without walking to the other side of the car. Fourth time was to setup the seats to go to a certain location when a certain key unlocked (a customized option in the BMW manual that say just ask your BMW service department for assistance). They can’t figure it out, in trial and error, they get it to move once, and can’t figure out what they did and cant get it to work again. I am upset and just leave. Fifth time was for a checkup, they forgot to reserve a car for me, I had to go the day without a car. My local Ford dealership at least gives you a car to drive. Sixth and final time was I had to get the oil changed and asked to get the car customized again – alarm to flash lights or make a noise when armed, seats to go to a position when unlocked, lights staying on after you get out of the car, etc. At first they say I don’t have the option on that car. I told them I have read BMW forums and I know that is not true. All of a sudden they can do it, but want to charge me to set these up. I gave them a choice, bite the bullet and program my car for free, or lose me as a customer. The almighty buck won and they lost me as a customer. Keep in mind, I have been buying cars from Markel since 1993 when they were a Ford dealership (1993 mustang cobra, 1994 lightning, 1999 F-150, 2005 Infiniti g35 (used) and now own a 2007 BMW x3 (used). I will drive to Lincoln to buy my future BMW cars and also for service. It is a longer drive, but is worth it.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone use this dealer to buy a car or to have it serviced. Keep in mind, my car is still under warranty.

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