I've replaced the valve cover gaskets, but still have an oil leak. on 2003 Audi Allroad Quattro

I've replaced the valve cover gaskets, cam tensioner gaskets, and half moon gaskets, but still have an oil leak on the driver side. After replaceing these gaskets, the oil leak has stopped on the passenger side, but still continues on the driver's side.
I have not yet replaced the rear cam cap/covers and am afraid to do so. I have read that these need to either be puntured and pryed out with a screwdriver or extracted with a special tool. I fear that I may cause unwanted damage and not be able to get them out if I punture them as others have done. What steps should I take next to eliminte this oil leak?

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Let me make it clear, I am a Corvette tech (30+ yrs) that is new to Audi. I have owned 3, '97, '02 and now '03 Allroad. I am no expert! I believe that a car is a car is a car! That said. Seals become hard. One rule is: light and light and then more smart about this. Steam clean the engine focus on the area where you see the leak spot's on the ground.Do this while the engine is running. Wait a few days then inspect with the light. Now don't forget the seals are probably glued in taking your time pry them out with something soft like a plastic (sharpened) paint brush handle. Use generous amount of brake parts cleaner and towels to catch the mess from falling in. Do not reseal with hard stuff. Use rtv silicone and torque only with your hand till you can't turn anymore then put a 1/4" drive (8mm ?) Socket on and give it a 1/4" turn. Let it sit for atleast an hour. remember light,light and then more light.