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1993 Mazda MX-6 Question: I've lost my mind with this one....

I have a 93 mazda mx-6 with 215,000 miles within the last month it has cost me over $2000.00 Im at the end of my rope and cant afford to keep this up much longer....My latest problem is my rpm's are screaming at idle over 3000..I replaced the IAC sensor as of yesterday and still have the same problem...I dont want to spend the money to check for the error codes if I dont have too. Any idea whats causing this..PLEASE I NEED HELP ON THIS ONE..AND THANK YOU -
Answer 1
Check for any broken or disconnected vacuum lines -
Comment 1
AS far as we can see there aren't any broken or disconnected lines...and its so ironic that your my first reply..I'm actually looking to buy a used STS but I need to keep this beast alive since I'm a road warrior and use my Mazda as my sales car..But I need to fix this before i can consider purchasing a Caddy. -
Answer 2
go to advance or auto zone they can read your codes my 97 b2300 did the opposite it wouldnt idle the pulled the code and it was the mass air flow sensor -