2003 Oldsmobile Alero Q&A

2003 Oldsmobile Alero Question: Its' turn signals work sometimes and sometimes not.

The turn signal seems to work fine, then not at all temporarily. But lately is not working more of the time than not. -
Answer 1
check the conectors or the fuses -
Comment 1
I had heard this from another person. He said if it's not the fuses to maybe spray the signal switch with an electrical cleaning spray. -
Answer 2
You could have a defective hazard module assembly, which includes the flasher circuit. Proper testing is in order to follow step by step so that you replace the right parts, or repair a wiring issue. Good luck! -
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Thank you. I will look into it. -
Answer 3
The conection between the hazard and turn signal was the problem with mine and pushing the hazard button once or twice would fix it for a short while till it did it again but to get it to stop completely it will have to be taken to quilified shop and fixed -
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Thank you I will try this until I have it properly repaired. -
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