its not getting any spark out of the distributor on 1990 Honda Accord

1990 honda accord lx 2.2 i have replaced the ECU the ECU fuse, the cap rotor ignitor coil and even a new distributor, and a new battery i still only get fire to the distributor but not out. and when the key is off the coil is dead. but if the key is in the on position both the neg and pos side of coil is hot..where is my problem and why cant i get fire out of this thing. i got the fuel but i need the spark to please

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is the distributor turning?? is the timing belt turning the cam??

distributor is turning, belt is turning..motor cranks great..just can't get any spark out of the's got me completely confused
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Hey did you end up getting that car started my friend and i are having the same problem with his honda civic we have tried everything you have an still nothing.
I'd like to know if you got it going too. Mine is doing same thing.