its not blowing cold or hot air at all out of the vents.not blowing air at all. on 2007 Nissan Murano

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i have had trhe blower motor replaced and the resistor replaced also but it has not fixed the problem.
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The blower motor is not coming on when the A/C comes on or heat is on.
1. Check for good battery voltage to the blower motor controller on the White/Blue wire when the blower motor is not working. If there is no power, check the blower motor relay on the back of the underdash fuse box.
2. Check the Black wire at the blower motor controller for a good ground when the blower motor is not working.
3. Check the Blue/Yellow wire at the blower motor for pulsed duty-cycle ground from the unified meter and A/C amplifier.
Tech Tips:The blower motor on this Murano has a control module mounted to it because it is a brushless AC motor with a rotating magnet.