Its been going on for a few months at idle i have a flashing check engine light on 2003 Mazda B3000

I took my truck to autozone and had the codes read. it came up with a misc misfire and misfire on cyl number 6. the check engine light only flashes when i sit at idle. i replaced spark plugs and wires. replaced the coil pack and i still have the rough idle and flashing check engine light. this only happens at idle. i lift the rpm to 1000 or higher and it goes away. any insight or help will be very helpful

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Vacuum leak, low compression or faulty fuel injector. #6
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Agree with pushrod, you can use a carb. cleaner to check for vacuum leak. While running, spray on vacuum hoses. If the engine surges when you do this, you have found the leaky hose.
i tried what you said and nothing happened in terms of a vacuum leak. ive ran at least 3 tanks of higher Octane gas through the truck with the fuel system treatment or fuel injector cleaner. and it was no help. im think i am going to take it to a local shop to have them do a compression test next. if nothin abnormal comes up i guess i need to remove the intake plenums to get to that injector and inspect/replace it
If compression is ok and no vacuum leaks, may just fix this problem by having injectors professionaly cleaned. Had a 2004 Excursion #5 misfire, pressure cleaned injectors and fixed it!! Listen to #6 injector with a long screwdriver to ear and touching the injector, if clicking cleaning is the best thing to do first! IF no clicking can be heard, possible bad injector or pulse circuit.