2008 Dodge Avenger Q&A

2008 Dodge Avenger Question: it will not go into gear

gear shift will not shift -
Answer 1
If your car has a manual transmission check the drive between the engine and gear box will be connected and released by the clutch assembly which in turn is operated by the clutch pedal and clutch hydraulic system. Check the clutch master cylinder reservoir for fluid and see that it has fluid, if it is low there is a leak which must be found and fixed so you can operate the clutch. If your car has an automatic transmission it may be low in fluid or the transmission itself may have failed. -
Answer 2
ther was a recallon 08 avengers the gear box cable needs to probly b replced they did mine for free you dealer should have sent u the paper wk my broke before that but they still covered it -
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got in my car after work and car would not go into gear i pulled the trim on the shifter and i have to pull back on a pink trim pices thats conected to a cable then it will go in gear what do i do ...
The automatic transmission can develop problems like erratic shifting, rough shifting, or delayed gear engagement. Repairs for many of these problems are outlined in service bulletins.
My front main seal inside the transmission was leaking for quite a whike before I realized it then by the time I took action and began tonotice major transmission leak my car became difficult to sh...
96 Dodge Avenger 2.5 V6. The car ran fine but the water pump was bad. So I pulled it into the garage to work on. Got a new water pump and started pulling it apart. No problem as I've worked on cars...