1999 Isuzu Rodeo Q&A

1999 Isuzu Rodeo Question: It will idle a bit rough but will not run over 5 to 10 mph.

It started running rough and now won't run more than 5-10 mph. It seems to have a dead spot in the throttle and have changed the TPS sensor even though ALL sensors are reading good. It cranks and idles a little rough and it seems to only get gas at idle and at full throttle. Any suggestions? -
Answer 1
Do you have check engine light?? -
Comment 1
No check engine light and ALL sensor read good! I have heard some talk of the "Power Reduction" light or button cause similiar problems....but, I really don't know what to try next. -
Comment 2
Have a mechanic to unbolt the cat converter see if it makes a difference Something is clogged on your exhaust system -
Comment 3
Have already done that. The converter is not clogged. -
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Okay do a compression test each cylinder then -
Comment 5
Already tested, all cylinders good -
Comment 6
What's the psi? -
Comment 7
Not sure. My mechanic did it last week....said all where good. Only has 112,000 miles on it. Enigine was in great shape when I purchased it a few months ago. My mechanic checked it out before I purchased it. So far, we have ruled out, blown gaskets, converter, TPS sensor, cracked block....etc. -
Comment 8
What about do a fuel pressure test? -
Comment 9
Dropped tank, blew out the fuel lines, replace fuel filters and verified fuel pump pressure. Lmao....been there....done that. I'm at an impasse. -