It was park around 2years.For some reason my car can't started.HELP ASAP please! on 2004 Honda Civic Si

The person that "supposed" take care of my car I think that never started my car. I change the battery and my car doesn't started.

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Remove gas tank and have it cleaned out and put a new fuel pump in it. Your gas that was in the tank has turned to varnish.
Thank you Part guys!
If the car has sat for two years the fuel may have evaporated or gone off or may just take a while to build up prime. Also remove the air filter make sure rodents haven't built a nest in the air filter box and inspect the wiring for signs of rodent damage see it a lot where I live if a car sits unused.
Thank you very much Mr. Patrick for your answer. I fill a little the gas tank but maybe is not enough and, i need to check air filter like you said and the wiring. I let you know later what's happened! Thanks again!!
Mr. Master:
I change the oil, battery, add more gas. My car doesn't have a filter because my car have an intec.
I try with the cold started spray direct we go it start for a few little minutes and, look that the gas don't get to the injectors.