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1996 Acura TL Question: it want start

i put a new starter on my car and it want start ... i also put a battary in there i dont knw whatts wrong... it say i have a anti lock but ... -
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Does your car not even turn over or does it crank over and not 'catch'? -
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I have a similar problem. Battery is fully charged, but starter wont do anything. PLEASE HELP! -
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i had a similar problem.... so that means you need to get new engine.....because ur engine is lock... -
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Please my daughter has a 1999 TL and the same thing, it won't start (please spell won't instead of want) it has a new battery and I did not hear any tale tell clicking, heard as in when other starters I had when they started to go usually we could catch it by clicking the ignition but not with her car.Do you think its the starter or another problem and if it is the starter how hard is it to get to it and replace it.I'm a chick and haven't had to do my own mechanical work in a while but situation has it that now I need to again so PLEASE any good response will be appreciated. -
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Here is an article that we at RepairPal put together to help with the inspection of a 'no crank' problem. http://repairpal.com/no-start-diagnosis -
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i bought a motor from artarco and swaped it in my car. when my old motor was in, it was cranking but the new motor doesnt. i checked the starter and the cables and everything seems to be good. my car doesnt crank at all. Is it the anti theft in my stock deck. -
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hey guys ive had a similar problem i hope i can help, not sure the exact solution but when you turn your key and you get nothing no sound nothing, try putting your foot on the break and taking your shift out of park and into to d3 or d4 then back to park, try this a couple of times and your car should start no problem, ive had this problem once in a blue moon and this works every time, good luck -yazf -
Answer 4
could be the neutral safety switch -
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