It takes 4-5 miles of driving to get any cabin heat. Anyone else have this problem? on 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid with 85k miles. I have noticed that it takes about 4or 5 miles of driving to get the cram warmed up enough to get any heat. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggested solutions or ideas?

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I would say that the thermostat in your engine may be worn out and is staying ope, so it takes forever for the engine to warm up. One the Lexus and Highlander Hybrids that I have worked on, the regular engine supplies the heat. An '06 would be due for a t-stat.
Thanks! I stopped at the auto parts store yesterday and picked a thermostat and gasket. They didn't have anything special listed for the hybrid highlander. I did a quick look under the hood and didn't readily see where the thermostat might be. Normall I expect to find them on the top of the engine where the hose goes to the radiator. Do you happen to remember the location?