it starts and runs for a few seconds and then dies. on 1991 Ford Bronco

i have good fuel pressure well with in the specs. ive replaced the coil, plugs and wires new dist. cap and rotor, batterie and ig mod on the side of the dist. timing has been reset. ive been told that its a fuel volume issue even though i have good fuel pressure. any ideas would be greatly apreaciated.

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What is the fuel pressure reading? If you don't have volume also it will die. You can have pressure but if you have low or no volume then you have a bad pump.
This year model also has a problem with the fuel pump connector burning out. After all it is only 21 years old.
The part number from napa for the connector is ECHLIN line #FPC100
key on engen off is 45 key on engen on is 43. so not sure where to go from here.
Please read what I posted. What is the volume. You should have One ounce for every 10 seconds at least.
how do u test the volume. is there a certan tool that i need to have?
It requires a professional fuel pressure test gauge. There is also a procedure to perform this test. If you want more help contact me at