it intermittently will not start, it will crank but not start on 1992 Jeep Wrangler

it has done this three separate times, different conditions each time, I am getting fuel pressure but no spark, I can let it set and try later and it will start and run for a couple of days no problem, the last time someone told me to check the crankshaft position sensor, they said it should have 200 ohms give or take, I checked it and had no reading, I installed a new crank sensor, it started one time and after that it cranks over several times and will finally start. I also have a check engine light on the dash now when it starts, can't find a connection to see what triggered the light, the vehicle has been sitting for about 8 mos before I got it. not sure what direction I need to go at this point,

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Need to go and get a tool to get the code, there is a connector under the hood for the codes. Because with out that, your are basically just guessing. It could an ASD relay etc. You say that you have spark and fuel pressure, but do you have injector pulse, in other words is the computer telling the injectors to operate.
have fuel but no spark
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The direction you should go is to a place to pull codes and diagnose the code or codes.
Here are the codes I was able to retrieve, 12, 33,24,54,21,55. I am able to get the truck started if I work the accelerator while cranking the engine, it starts and runs but has a miss every once in awhile when driving, and it seems to be burning alot of gas also.
code 12-prob with batt connection, direct input to controller disconnected within last 50 key cycles.
code 21-oxygn sensor circuit sensor voltage not fluctuating.
code 24-throttle position sensor voltage high or low.
code 33-a/c clutch relay circuit, open or short.
code 54-no camshaft sensor circuit signal from distributor.
code 55- end of codes.

code 54 is likely culprit and codes 21 and 24 likely related to the miss.