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I have ignition problems on my Isuzu Hombre. When it rains and is very humid, the truck seems to be "drowning" and turns over but doesn't start. I have changed the Crankshaft position sensor and it worked fine for ab...
My alternator isn't charging my battery and I don't know where the alternator fuse is located.
Wipers only run in mist mode or when you activate the washer pump
when I turn the engine over in my truck it turns over fine. but will not crank. but when I release the key and the starter motor all but stops. it starts. it has always cranked fine. this problem just recently started...
temp gage only go up half way to operational temp. and i have no heat
I just changed the water pump, thermostat and temperature switch because I had a leak and was told it was the water pump. I have no leak now but my heat is still not working and neither is my temperature gauge. WHY???...
where is pcv valve located
My son changed the ignition switch in his pickup and now the computer is not recognizing the new switch. It is throwing a security code and won't start. How do you get it to recognize the new switch?
how to repair/replace slave cylander for clutch
What kind of transmission fluid does a 1998 Isuzu Hombre use?
when i go slow my rear wheel has a high pitch squeek nois what could that be?
my hombre has a 5 speed manual transmission and supposedly takes 5W-30 gear oil??? can i just use 5W-30 motor oil??
Today my truck wouldn't turn over and after trying over and over it started but none of my gauges worked except the battery guage. The gauge was showing lowest power. The battery light was on to at this point. I got h...
Getting a rattling sound from under the hood when A/C is turned on. Otherwise A/C is fine - very cold air.