Plymouth Grand Voyager Problem Report

Plymouth Grand Voyager Water Leak Onto the Passenger Side Floor

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Hood misalignment, cowl cover misalignment, wiper module drain tube(s), and/or the lower plenum drain hose may cause the HVAC housing to leak water onto the passenger side floor. Diagnoses will be required to confirm the location of a water leak in the front passenger area.

Water leaks on passenger water on passenger floor.unplug the drain channel on the exterior under the wiper blades ie leaves in it. -
When raining water leaks on floor area on passenger side. -
no solution yet -
Water is leaking into the passenger side floor when it rains. The moisture has traveled all the way to the floor in the back seat. HELP!!! -
wter leaks in on pass side floor when it rains ater issue destroyed heater blower and resistor. -
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