1997 Acura TL Q&A

1997 Acura TL Question: issue with steam exiting tailpipe. have done pressure check on cooling system.

no leaks in cooling system, happens often. -
Answer 1
Are you loosing any coolant? If not I don't think you have a problem, as most exhaust systems put out some degree of moisture as a result of the catalyst process, and usually clears up after the cat reaches full temp, some cars also drip water out the tail pipe as well, more noticeable in colder weather.. -
Comment 1
no not losing any coolant. steam is often and very severe. color of steam is white.is it possible it could be an egr valve, on a non turbo. -
Answer 2
do chemical ck on cooling system,if its a headgasket issue you should be adding coolant constantly. are you? -