Issue with fan stopping while A/C is on on 2005 Hyundai Tucson

Lately I've had a problem with my a/c fan cutting out; stopping all blowing and noise completely; for and instant, then starting back up again and working fine. It doesn't happen all the time, and nothing in particular sets it off. I've been driving along, or idling at a stop light and sometimes it'll happen, sometimes it won't. I'm not sure which catagory it falls under so I was wondering if anyone could be of assistance so I don't have the wrong thing repaired...since there are a lot of unscrupulous people here that will tell you all sorts of things are wrong and need to be fixed, when they actually don't. Thanks!

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I think your blower motor is failing,51825&groupid=5555&subgroupid=3810&componentid=&makeid=13&model=Tucson&year=2005&graphicID=1025110&callout=9&catalogid=2&displayCatalogid=0 $83 at and looks like an hours labor.
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I have noticed the same with my 2005 Tucson (70,000 KM).It just started about a month ago (June 2011). When I bump the speed switch or dash area around the switch it cuts out temporarily.I suspect it is a bad electrical connection in the wiring or switch itself. I don't think the blower motor is faulty.
RJW, Waterloo Ontario.