Issue refuel V70 because gas gushing out/pump auto-shutoff; vacuum leak code on 1998 Volvo V70

Whenever I refuel my V70, gas comes gushing up/spilling out, shutting off the pump and it does not matter much HOW I arrange it and which gas station I use. Will eventually work, sometimes after five, six tries and wasted gas on the ground, but is a weird hassle. Also, I have a check engine light on and the general code indicates a vacuum leak -- could this be connected? Replaced tank cap to rule this out as the check light cause.

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There is a valve at the back of the filler neck that has become plugged. This is not connected with your vacuum leak. You'll need to replace the valve and then have the car smoke tested to find the vacuum leak if there were no more specifics given when you had the code read