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Isringhausen Imports
January 08, 2010

They did well on my Mercedes-Benz and no matter what anybody says this is the best car dealer in the US... Their hospitality is great and service is excellent. Thank you Isringhausen for your wonderful service And for including a loner car with the service. I will be coming back soon!

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Isringhausen Imports
March 19, 2009

When I brought the car in the last time, your technician he told you that it was this sensor unit on my tranmission, so we had it replaced to the tune of $3700 all in.

I realize that they also did the shocks and struts during that time. Should I be concerned that the wheels or bearing now may be @ risk now as well.

Do you have my old CD unit back from the salvage folks yet? I would like to be able to collect me CD's that have been out now for at least eight months

As a result of this recent poor quality of service, I am going to be informing the US Better Business Bureau regarding the poor overall quality of craftsmenship received @ your establishment.

That may not mean anything to you, personally, but it will be on record w/ the Federal Govenement and it will be available to others, who need to be aware of the lack of customer care that your facility should be noted for and the poor quality of mechanical service. This is the the fifth time you have had this car in your care and have never corrected the problems that your technician determined to be root of the problem / deficiency. Your organization had no problem taking my money, but they continuosly fail to fix the problem /deficieny

AS to regard to the inferior workmanship on the braking system of my BMW, which put my life, as well as the lives of others @ risk.

I have retained all records related the maintenance performed @ your service center and you will be hearing from my attorneys soon.

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